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Jan 23

Empower Youth - Strengthen Families

Posted to Children's Services Council Blog by Ashley Mock

Recently, staff members at the Parent Teen Community Connection (PTCC) program were contacted by a mom who had been referred through a partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice. Both mom and her son needed to fulfill parenting class and volunteer service requirements as part of an agreement made after the son, Kymani had gotten in trouble at school for fighting.

kelly and kymani - families of the treasure coast
Kymani and his mom Kelly after completing the PTCC program.

After learning about the situation, educators at PTCC agreed to set up special sessions for this family to accommodate their schedule, but during the first session quickly noticed that Kymani was very hesitant to share or open up, and his mom, Kelly, had a hard time allowing him the space and time to become comfortable speaking for himself. However, with structured conversation and learned skills in each session,  Kymani began to open up and share more about himself and his experiences. Because of this, he shared that the fight at school actually involved him and his brother and that his brother was coming to his defense - an incredibly tough situation for a teen!

Allowing mother and son to have time together to talk through decision making and mom’s own experiences as a teen helped Kymani to understand that we all experience similar obstacles at some point in our lives and that is how we react to those situations that is truly important. For Kelly and Kymani, PTCC was not something they were eager to open up to, at first. But after completing their final session they both agreed they were eager to talk things through together more and most of all have those conversations with a greater level of comfort!

Families of the Treasure CoastPTCC is the flagship program of Families of the Treasure Coast and helps to empower youth and their parents by building on communication skills in an open, inclusive environment. Teens in the program identify what it takes to build healthy relationship and avoid risky behaviors while learning to strengthen family relationships. To learn more about PTCC and Families of the Treasure Coast, follow this link to their website. 

Oct 14

The Importance of Goal Setting

Posted to Success Stories by Ashley Mock

The Student Assistance Program is a substance abuse prevention conducted in the elementary and middle schools in St. Lucie County to educate youth on the dangers of substance abuse. The educators help students develop greater self- esteem and coping skills individually or in small group sessions. 

screenshot of casey wood, new horizons, from October 2019 Community Connections Show

We recently interviewed Assistant Program Director, Casey Wood on our monthly Community Connections show on WLX-TV in partnership with St. Lucie Public Schools. Check out the interview to learn more, and read a success story from the program, below.

A Prevention Specialist in the New Horizons Student Assistance Program is currently providing the "Too Good for Drugs" curriculum to all of the 5th grade classes at Fairlawn Elementary.

The first lesson in the curriculum is focused on goal setting and teaches students to have a better ability to set reachable goals. This skill builds self-efficacy and a stronger sense of hope for the future.

In one of the 5th grade classes, during this first lesson, there was a student that was very vocal that she had never set any goals for herself. Throughout the lesson, she was very involved and appeared to gain a lot of insight into the process of personal goal setting. Since that first week of classes, this student has come into class each week with a new goal she wants to achieve.

One week, she set the goal of making the principal’s Honor Roll. Another week, she set a goal of trying out for her local basketball team. She has already realized in a few short weeks that goals can be accomplished if you make them personal and specific. She is already showing signs of a stronger self and how to make better decisions because she understands how to set reachable goals.