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May 22


The original item was published from May 22, 2019 8:50 AM to May 22, 2019 3:59 PM

This current year, through our Strategic Short Term Funding, we are partnering with Tykes & Teens to offer the Teaching Resilience & Understanding Symptoms of Trauma (TRUST) program. The program provides training, technical assistance and therapeutic consultation to CSC's funded afterschool programs to help them recognize and respond to trauma symptoms with children in their programs.

The TRUST team trains afterschool program staff to understand the cause of a child’s behavior and offer ideas about alternative methods or tactics to reduce the negative impacts on that child. Often times, program staff's attempts to regulate behavior concerns do little to address the underlying issues that may have caused those behaviors in the first place. However, the TRUST program assists in creating an environment that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma. 

Recently the Boys & Girls Club administration reached out to TRUST to have their clinical therapist, Belinda, work with staff to help them appropriately respond to children who had been impacted by recent gun violence in the community close to their homes. The therapist was able to respond quickly to provide support so staff could understand how traumatic events may affect the children and use language and strategies that would promote healing.

boys and girls club staff in trauma informed care training    IMG_0239

Below is a testimonial from a Boys & Girls Club staff member about the impact of the program:

Our partnership with Tykes and Teens has been extremely successful thus far. Belinda took an approach to first observe the work of our staff at Garden Terrace; how they run programs, dealing with member conflict and different behaviors during program time. Belinda also met with the staff to answer any questions the staff had about being a better mentor to our youth. My staff have learned a great deal from Belinda that there is a deeper meaning as to why a specific student is acting out in class. We are so quick to discipline a member that gets in trouble constantly without ever sitting down and talking through the problem with them and finding the deeper root cause to their actions. This is something that has really stuck with my staff.

Through Belinda’s mentorship, my staff and I now take the time to talk through any conflicts the members get into, find out why they made the decisions they did, and let the member figure out what would have been a better solution to the problem. Not only does this help the members talk through their own issues, it helps the staff and members build a positive relationship because the members truly feel like they are cared for by the staff and how they are feeling.

Kaitlyn Spera | Club Director Garden Terrace Unit
Boys & Girls Club of St. Lucie County