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May 24

Success at Boys & Girls Club

Posted on May 24, 2022 at 3:28 PM by Ashley Mock

The Boys and Girls Club sites excel in attracting teens to their program through various activities.  Please find below a brief success story from the Boys and Girls Club.  

Jacoby has been a member at the Chuck Hill Unit (CHU) since October of 2020. He recently was moved to the teen program of the club when he turned 13. To be a part of the teen program, it takes a level of maturity and responsibility due to the freedom teens are given at the club. Jacoby struggled very much with this transition into the teen program, and the Boys and Girls Club staff got very little support from his mom to help with his behavior. 

Jacoby started to bully others and did not form many positive relationships between his peers. This was also happening at his school as he transitioned into middle school. Jacoby showed a very high interest in our Keystone Club which is a youth development and leadership program designed to ensure our members are becoming productive citizens within their club, school, community, and future endeavors. This program has officers, Vice President, and President of the club. Jacoby loved the idea of being able to help make decisions for his club. Miss Ashley, the CHU Teen Coordinator, mentored Jacoby throughout the keystone program about how being a leader at the club and in the community is so important. As they went through the quarter, staff and teachers noticed a huge change in Jacoby. Jacoby became very helpful around the club, asking staff if they needed anything like help with cleaning. He also started to open up with his peers and form relationships. We even saw him helping some of the younger members with homework.

Jacoby has expressed how grateful he is for this program because he believes it has truly helped him gain leadership skills, not only at the club but in school and at home. He is determined to continue working hard to reach his goal of becoming a Keystone officer.