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Feb 20

Working together, programs can change lives

Posted on February 20, 2019 at 8:14 AM by Ashley Mock

Below is a success story submitted by the Early Learning Coalition.  The Early Learning Coalition provides subsidized child care to families below 150% of poverty level that are working or going to school full time.  The great aspect of the story, above the child receiving services, is that it demonstrates our funded programs working together.  The program referenced in the story, HANDS Pediatric Dental Program, is also funded by CSC.  Both Early Learning Coalition and HANDS are part of our priority area of Keeping Kids in School.

A four year old boy enrolled in a center in Fort Pierce was experiencing severe tooth decay and pain. The director talked with the mom who told her that they did not have a dentist nor insurance for dental care. The director contacted the ELC for help for this family. The child's pain was causing interruptions in his ability to learn. We contacted our School Readiness Health Screening Team and our HANDS Clinic dental hygienist for assistance. Within the day of our contact, the nurses and the dental hygienist visited the child and worked with the mom for an immediate referral and financial assistance.