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In celebration of Literacy Month (September 2020), and to assist families of students who have chosen the St. Lucie Public Schools MySchool Online option OR have experienced a hardship due to COVID-19; Children's Services Council of St. Lucie County is making student access to Scholastic Literacy Pro available to share with additional families in St. Lucie County. Students will have free access to Scholastic Literacy Pro until October 21, 2021.  

Literacy Pro is a browser-based platform accessible on multiple operating systems and devices. Scholastic Literacy Pro creates a personalized digital bookshelf for children to encourage purposeful and effective independent reading for children from grades K-6. The 1,400 Scholastic Literacy Pro student accounts were divided amongst the network of funded summer camp and after-school program providers.

Registration begins September 15, 2020, and will continue until December 31, 2020

or when we run out of accounts.

*Please note: Availability is limited and is subject to change.

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Please complete the registration by Wednesday (9/30/2020) to be eligible for the Scholastic Literacy Pro giveaway. Selected students will be registered for a LiteracyPro account, and a username and password will be emailed to the email address provided. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Cesar directly at 772-444-6224 or at  

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