Keeping Kids off the Streets Priority RFP

Keeping Kids off the Streets

Each year on a rotating basis, the Children’s Services Council releases a funding priority area for open competition. For fiscal year 2018-19, the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County is opening its priority area “Keeping Kids off the Streets.”

The Children’s Services Council has aligned its funding priorities with community indicators. By funding and making available prevention and early intervention services, the Children’s Services Council strives to ensure that these services have a positive impact on the community.

The community indicators aligned with the priority area “Keeping Kids off the Streets” is:

  • Delinquency Referral Rate
  • School Disciplinary Referral Rate
  • School Absenteeism Rate
  • Grade Level Reading Profiiency
  • Increased Academic Performance
  • Youth Substance Use/Abuse
  • Teen Birth Rate

Furthermore, based on the Adverse Childhood Experiences research illustrating the tremendous impact on health and social well-being throughout the lifespan, the Children’s Services Council supports programs that are inclusive of a trauma informed approach and/or strategies that prevent adverse childhood experiences by developing safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments.

Agencies submitting proposals will be required to demonstrate how their proposed program’s main focus and program impact are aligned, directly or indirectly, with the above community indicators. Proposed programs that cannot demonstrate their impact will not be considered for funding.Preference will be given to programs that operate five (5) days per week, offer services at no or low cost to families, and are located in historically underserved locations.

Funding for programs selected will begin October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. Program funding is on a monthly reimbursement basis. Additionally, funded programs will be required to submit quarterly outcome and demographic reports as detailed in the program contract.

This year, two tracts for service focus are being considered for funding. 
  • The Out of School Time (OST) tract focuses on typical site-based programs serving a targeted population through a year-round approach of partial days during the school year and full days during the summer when schools are typically closed.
  • The Out of School Time Enhancement (OST-E), is not intended for single site, limited population initiatives, such as traditional clubhouses or neighborhood facilities. The intention is to bring high quality, interactive learning opportunities to multiple out of school program sites across the county that enhance existing programmatic learning efforts for a variety of school aged children & youth. These program enhancements will provide initial learning activities aimed at augmenting the daily activities of the site-based program and enabling the site-based staff to build upon the learning and initial outcomes from the proposed efforts to maintain & improve the learning capacities of their program’s children & youth.
CSC intends to fund Out of School Time providers, both traditional OST and OST-Enhancements, which serve children at afterschool and summer programs throughout the county. There will be two separate Priority Funding Application processes available through our online grants management system. The overview and questions to be asked for each are below.
Please direct any questions to Children's Services Council at 772.408.1100.

How to Apply

Applicants will be required to apply online through our grants management system. Below you will find links to help you complete the application process.
  • The Out-of-School Time RFP is a .pdf file of the full application to prepare you for the questions that will be asked as part of the proposal.
  • The Out-of-School Time Enhancement RFP is a .pdf file of the full application to prepare you for the questions that will be asked as part of the proposal.
  • The e-Cimpact User Manual will show you how to create a username and password, login and navigate the system. 


important dates

October 2, 2017
Release of Request for Proposals
Technical Assistance Sessions for Interested Agencies
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December 18, 2017
Proposals due by NOON

March 8, 2018
Funding Recommendations to Council
March 22, 2018
Reconsideration Requests Due
April 12, 2018
Council Vote on Recommendations