Annual Program RFP

The Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County’s FY 2015-16 Program Proposal application is released to current funded programs only. Children’s Services Council believes its current funded programs create a necessary network of prevention services for the children and families in our county. The FY 2015-16 Program Proposal is designed to provide updates and changes to program outcomes, methodology and budget information. The application can also be used to detail any proposed program expansions that increases services or builds capacity of the program.

The abbreviated application format and limited release does not automatically assume renewal of funding. Each proposal will be reviewed individually for its positive impact on the community.

The 2015-2016 Program Application consists of three documents; Instructions, a Narrative and a Budget. Below, you will also find an example of how to fill out the budget pages. 

Annual Program RFP: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Population to be Served:
  • Use the total target numbers for FY 14/15, not the number served to date for the 1st Quarter.
Program Hours of Operation and Timeframe:
  • List the usual hours of operation for the majority of the year. If the hours change for the summer, indicate under those summer months.
  • List planned special events under each month; do not simply repeat your regular activities each month.
Make sure the totals for the Program Narrative and the Budget sections match.
Budget Forms:
  • Use the correct year’s forms, both program narrative and budget. DO NOT use prior year’s forms!
  • Use the approved CSC funded amount for FY 14/15, not what you requested the prior year.
  • Start with the Salaries & Fringes tab and proceed in order to the right.
  • Do not jump to later tabs as formulas carry forward information entered on the earlier tabs.
  • Don’t override formulas or links
  • Don’t forget detail or calculations on the “Expense” tab
  • Remember to provide supportive explanation as appropriate on the “Explanations or Increase” tab
  • Total Program Budget tab “REVENUES OVER/(UNDER) EXPENDITURES should be “0” – a positive or negative figure may
  • indicate less of a need for funding or inability to sustain program
  • Total Annual Program Budget tab Cell E13 should match CSCSLC Expense History tab Cell D41 – this represents the amount you are requesting from CSCSLC
Remember to have CEO/Board Chair sign the Agency Certification.

Any proposals not completed per the instructions detailed will be returned for correction.
Questions about the Annual Program RFP should be directed to
Program Staff at the Technical Assistance Sessions on 
January 13th and/or January 15th.
Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.


important dates

December 18, 2014
Release of Program Proposal Application
January 13, 2015
Technical Assistance Session I
January 15, 2015
Technical Assistance Session II
March 6, 2015
Program Proposals Due 
Before Noon
(1 original, 4 copies & 1 electronic version)
May 14, 2015
Staff Recommendations to Council
May 28, 2015
Request for Reconsideration 
Due in Writing 
Before Noon
June 11, 2015
Council Funding Decision