Dear BRAIN Program,

Please accept this letter as my heartfelt testimonial regarding the exceptional care, guidance and life changing services we have received through the Helping People Succeed programs.  
After we had Marcus, we received the BRAIN Program services and through the Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) we received, we noticed that he was having trouble with his vocabulary and making eye contact.  We thought that maybe since Marcus’ older brother was such an over-achiever that perhaps we were just expecting too much. But then as the months progressed during his first year, we noticed that he did not seem interested in our interaction with him, and never seemed really engaged.  We also worried that perhaps the stress our family was experiencing was being sensed by him and effecting his development.  
We started to feel really hopeless when one day we received a call from Helping People Succeed to discuss our concerns that we wrote on the ASQ.  We were then offered the additional support of having a Developmental Specialist come to our home weekly to help us work with Marcus, and we jumped on the opportunity!  Marcus showed vast improvement within the first month of services, and he has continued to improve since then and we no longer feel alone.  
We are so grateful for the BRAIN Program and the ASQ system that helped catch his problems so early; we don’t know where we would be without the help of this amazing program.
A Grateful Mom

For more information on Helping People Succeed's BRAIN program please visit their website at or call 772-320-0780.